Training vs Working Out

Social media during the quarantine has been... interesting. To say the least. And it got me thinking.

Most people don't understand the difference between working out and training.

So let's clear up a few points. It'll help with all future chats.

A Means to an End

To start things off, I am not shaming people that work out. Any Most physical activity is good for you. From general health to reducing the impact of aging, to the now obsolete social benefits, working out is something I encourage all non-competitors to do. Even competitors during the off-season can benefit from some mindless workouts to help maintain basic fitness and refresh their minds before digging into another 10 month training block.

But a workout is not training. A workout is simply a means to the end, of which is not sport oriented. It may be well organized, but it is not necessarily planned and periodized with specific end goals in regard to sport performance or a competition.

Training on the other hand has all of the benefits of working out, but is proactive. It is an organized and planned adaptation that enhances the skills and physical qualities needed for performance in the sport, event, position, etc. This training uses testing and assessments to gauge the athlete's starting point and to measure progress. Using that information, the athlete and coach will set goals and milestones, with a plan to reach them as well.

Training is multi-faceted. It will have pieces that are the sport, that resemble the sport, and look nothing like the sport, however all pieces will work on the abilities and skills needed to be successful at the sport. 

Speed climbing is a piece of the training puzzle for speed climbing. It is the sport, but can not make up the entirety of training.

Skips, bounds, and throws are a piece of the training puzzle for speed climbing. It develops the power and coordination needed to become faster on the wall, but it does not make up the entirety of training.

Strength training are a piece of the training puzzle for speed climbing. It is not specific enough to be the entirety of training.

And since training is well organized, the order of the training session matters as well: flowing from specific to least specific as fatigue sets in and coordination falls.

During the quarantine working out will help mentally, but doing the repeat pushups/pullup/squat challenges on social media is not going to help you hit your sport specific goals.

Break down what is required of your sport and get creative around the house. Not everyone has a home gym with olympic lifting, squat rack, pull up station, hangboard, and multiple cardio options. Nearly everyone has a door frame pull up bar and a chair. Check out Thursday's post for my speed climbing specific quarantine workout.

Later speedfreaks!

keep all the sickies out

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