Fitness Friday- A Quarantine and a Dream

Happy Friday, speed freaks!

If you're like 99% of the world, you're stuck inside social distancing yourself into a slower, less gravity resistant form. Don't give up on your dreams and all of your hard work! There's an Olympics to train for and there are plenty of options for a high intensity workout that needs very little space or equipment.

Today my workout was 8 sets of a 3 part exercise complex. Check the details below

  1. 5 Hangboard pullups
    1. Use an easy sloper or  wide edge. No jugs. No hangboard? Use a doorway pull-up bar
    2. Aggressive. Let yourself float a little at the top and force yourself to rapidly decelerate
      1. This works both pulling strength and contact strength by having the float
  2. 5 Single leg elevated split jumps
    1. Have rear foot elevated using chair, bench, couch, stair, etc
    2. Force yourself to cycle the jumping leg. Leaving it low is a different neurological stimulus. Train the strike, not just the push!
    3. Video example (first exercise)
  3. 4 kettle bell snatch + over head press
    1. Enough weight to make it challenging
    2. Be explosive through the hips
Take 0-30 seconds rest between each exercise and 3 min between sets. I repeated this 8 times today. For a novice, start with 3-5 sets. 

The goal during the quarantine is to slow the rate of detraining. We need high intensity stimuli to stave off detraining, and basic bodyweight work is not going to cut it.

What's your favorite at home plan B exercise? Leave a comment below!

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