New Olympic Dates Announced!

With Olympic caliber speed, the IOC has officially announced the new dates for the 2020 Olympics, thereby answering one of the key questions that I had after the initial announcement of the delay.

The BBC also has reported on a few of the other championships that are typically held in the year after the Olympics. It seems that multiple sport organizations were able to rearrange schedules in order to accommodate the Olympics. And as well they should, as the majority of the sports contested at the Olympics receive a fraction of the views during off years as compared to the Olympic year.

The BBC reports in the same articles that athletes who have qualified will hold their qualifications for next year, however I could not corroborate that. Many orgs have not held qualifiers as well, so it remains to be seen what will take place for those sports. Whatever position the athlete is in, thankfully they now have a firm timeline to design a training plan to prepare them for the Olympics.

Regardless, this is great news for Olympic fans as well as speed climbing fans. Yes, we have to wait one more year to see our sport in the limelight...even if those competing are not the best of the best in the event. I am confident that by the time the Olympics comes around speed climbing will have already begun to make itself known as a legitimate and exciting sport to not just participate in, but to watch as well.

Later speedfreaks.

better luck next time

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