Veddriq Leonardo vs Peng Wu- Battle of the Betas

Hey speed fans, we're back with a quick beta breakdown for that great race between Veddriq Leonardo and Peng Wu during Friday's finals.

Let's take a look below! Prefer IG? Check out the post here. There will be a much deeper dive with another race on the Youtube channel later this week so make you sure you're subscribed!

Let's talk about that come from behind win for Wu, although it wasn't as drastic as it looked. You can blame the camera angle for making it look like Veddriq had a larger lead. As you can tell when they finish, the skewed angle favors lane A.

However, Leonardo was leading by approximately .04 going into the 16th hold (measured from hip passing mid hold). This is when he pushes off and shifts his hips about a foot to the right in order to set up his right foot smear, left foot push to the finish. From 16- finish he takes 1.2 seconds.

Peng Wu on the other hand stays more linear, with his right foot on the jib, a left smear, and then a right hand-right foot match for the last move before the slap. From 16- finish he takes only 1.1 seconds.

This different beta seems to be quicker than the beta that the majority of the other athletes are using, however it's still not enough to beat world record holder Kiromal Katibin, who consistently finds way to go faster and faster.

It's a long weekend so hopefully I have some more time to break down a few other races!

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