5.00! Kiromal Katibin - AKA Mr. Fast AF - Sets New WR at Chamonix!

The qualifiers are over for the day at the IFSC Chamonix competition and it just got turned up to 11.

Kiromal once again set the whole damn place on fire with another world record. See below for the fan cam because the IFSC still refuses to take video of the fastest rounds of the competition because they hate fun and social media impressions.



Update- IFSC added their own video, but it's still essentially a fan cam.



He's not the only one who's bringing the speed, however. The women's competition is also proving to be continually fast as hell, even without the reigning world record holder. Check out the top ten below. Absolutely nutty.

We'll be back tomorrow with a full breakdown, and hopefully some good beta and race analysis as well.

Later speed fans!

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