Olympics in Peril?

Multiple news sources are reporting that the 2021 Tokyo Olympics may not happen due to the lingering fears of the virus and falling public support for hosting. Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga is determined to host the games, but will they actually take place?

As Tokyo enters a new state of emergency due to a recent rise in COVID cases, the future of the games is, at best, uncertain. And while many sports around the world are taking place with limited or no spectators, you can count the Olympics out of that discussion. The Olympic organizing committee for 2021 has said there are no plans in place to have an Olympics that does not have spectators.

What does this mean for speed climbing? The loss of the premier sports event would deal a huge blow to the momentum that speed climbing has developed over the last few years since the announcement of it's inclusion in the Olympics. With National Governing Bodies for sport throwing money and resources at developing climbers, world and national records continue to fall.

On a related note, I hope to have a technical analysis of Iulia's race soon. I really enjoy her starting beta, with her hip being more square with the wall allowing greater use of her glute to project upwards, giving her more momentum to launch off the second major hold to skip the third on the left. 

I don't necessarily believe this beta is only available to taller athletes, as velocity is the key variable. Rate of force development is going to be the bigger factor. See my post on the Tamoa Skip for more details on that subject.

I do believe the Olympics will happen, mostly for political reasons. I can't imagine the Olympic committee will vote for any country's hosting bid if that country doesn't come out in favor of having the Olympics this year. I think that speed climbing offers a chance for head to head competition that meets guidelines for social distancing, and is also in a small enough package that it will be picked up by media outlets for short form video updates and news segments. It's the perfect new event for the media to run with.

That's all for today, speed-freaks.

Stay healthy. Stay fast.

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