Post Covid Update


Josh H

Wed, Dec 2, 10:12 AM (5 days ago)
to me
We're Back!

After a few months away, we're back and ready to keep bringing the latest in speed-climbing training and news. Where did we go? The truth is, I ended up catching Covid-19, and unfortunately spreading it to my immediate family before I showed symptoms. I even spread it to my mom, who had been nice enough to watch my son during this time. With my mom needing to be hospitalized, I took over taking care of her dog, and once she was released from the hospital I started taking care of her as well due to the severe complications.

Thankfully, we are looking like we have all made it past the worst parts of it, and everyone is either recovered or on their way.

With the news of multiple vaccines being either approved or on their way, and the Olympics being given the OK to move ahead this year, it looks like speed climbing will finally make its world wide debut as a prime time event!

I look forward to recapping the news from the last few months later this week, including a break down on the new women's world record!

Stay healthy, Speed freaks!

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