Support Your Local Gym!

Covid-19 is no joke for the economy and it is easy to see that local gyms are going to suffer during these weeks of shut down. With no customers coming in to the pro shop and members putting memberships on pause, there is no money coming in to keep them in business.

What can we do to help our local spots out and make sure we have happy and healthy gyms for the future? Check below for a couple of ideas.

Pre-pay Your Membership

This one is easy and goes a long way. And let's be honest here... it's not like you're going to be speed climbing outside anywhere. You need your local gym. By pre-paying your membership, you are going to give them an immediate cash injection that is going to help your gym pay its bills and stay afloat. You were also going to pay the fees anyway throughout the year, so this one is a no-brainer.

Buy a Day Pass for a Friend

You are a fit person who probably hangs out with other fit people, but they may not have a membership. Do your gym a favor and get another person hooked on climbing. At the worst, you're out $15 for the day pass and you and your friends got to hang out instead of wasting a night at the bar. At best, your friend now sees how climbing is a great way to get a great workout in around other great people. They probably also see how dead the fitness area is because everyone is doing bodyweight stuff or yoga, leaving the squat rack free. They want a dead squat rack. The monthly fee is probably cheaper than their crossfit gym.

Buy a Gift Card

Live view of membership services
when the phone rings
Does you gym run monthly specials on specific types of gear? Do you need something this year but its not on sale right now? Buy a damn gift card and use it later. Gift cards are similar in their effect as the membership, in that you are giving the gym cash for a future service. This helps them through the current crisis and will get you some sweet equipment later on, while also making the gym manager stop sweating as much because everything is on fire.


I get it, I'm poor too. Sometimes life sucks and we have no money to support the things we love. In today's world, we can help simply by spreading awareness. Do your local gym a solid and share their posts and any information they have on sales to help drive up business. If you care about what they provide to you, sacrifice up your social media clout and help them out.

With the stimulus checks seemingly on their way (at least in the US), if you are in a spot where you may not be relying on that cash, please consider using it to prepay your membership. Don't forget to then post about it on social media for those sweet likes.

What are your favorite ways that you have seen to help out local businesses during the shutdown? Post them in the comments below!

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