Ludovico vs Matteo: Knocking on Sub Five's Door

This is not a test, people!

Earlier today Matteo Zurloni and Ludovico Fossali faced off and told the world "Indonesia and China who?"

While most people are talking about Indonesia and China when discussing who will break the 5 second barrier first, it's clear that the Italian team has been busy refining their beta and getting faster. Check out the race breakdown below.



The stunning part about this race, to me, is that they make these speeds seem pedestrian. When people are hitting speeds they aren't used to, it's usually very apparent as timing can be off and runs aren't as clean. Not this race! This level of clean make me think that these times are actually close to what their normal is in terms of speed, which means their peak is going to be even faster.

What's your prediction for these two? Will they be the first to hit sub 5?

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