Speed Climbing's Elite Gear Up for an Electrifying Season - Men's Preview

We're back, speed fans!! With the first international competition set to take place on April 28th in Seoul, South Korea, we can't wait to see what records will be shattered and who will take the early lead as favorite (and possible world record holder) this season. Will we witness the first-ever sub-5-second race? Buckle up and let's look at Speed-Climbing.com's favorites for this season!

Kiromal Katibin

The record breaker hailing from Indonesia, Kiromal Katibin is the force to be reckoned with in the world of speed climbing. Last season, he set the men's world record a staggering five times, but left a lot to be desired in the win column. There's no doubt that all eyes will be on Katibin as he attempts to defend his WR and push the boundaries of speed climbing even further.


Jianguo Long 

The rising star of China, Jianguo Long is our next favorite, having just equaled the world record at the Chinese Championships. He has surpassed Jinbao Long's 5.16 from last season and his early pressure on the WR and current position at the top of the rankings has everyone talking. We can't wait to see him go head-to-head with Katibin on the international stage. Will Long be able to dethrone the current world record holder, or will Katibin remain the fastest vertical human? Only time will tell.


Veddriq Leonardo

The former world record holder changed his beta late last season and showed he's not to be counted out. The more consistent of the two Indonesian record setters, you're guaranteed a great competition when he is on the wall. Can he put together the perfect run and hit sub 5 first? 

 John Brosler and Sam Watson 

The USA is bringing some serious talent to the international competition, with John Brosler and Sam Watson stepping up to the plate. Brosler, the American record holder at 5.20 seconds, is no stranger to international competition and will be eager to showcase his skills again this season against the world's best. Meanwhile, Sam Watson has been turning heads with his recent 5.12-second training run. Could he be the dark horse in this race for the record books?


The Sub-5-Second Barrier

As the anticipation for the first international competition of the season reaches a fever pitch, the biggest question on everyone's mind is whether we'll witness the first-ever sub-5-second race. While lineups aren't public yet, it's hard to imagine we'll have to wait long to see Katibin, Long, Leonardo, Brosler, Watson, and more compete against each other. The stage is all but set for what could be a groundbreaking moment in speed climbing history.

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