Fitness Friday - Simple Off the Wall Speedclimbing Training Complex

 It's Friday! So that means a few things:

  • I will inevitably stay up too late, screwing up my sleep cycle
  • Tomorrow is my cheat day so I will eat pizza every opportunity I can
  • It's time for another Fitness Friday post!

Today's exercise is a handy little complex for when you're either away from the climbing gym or they took down the speed wall. Yes, some gyms don't have it up all the time. And even then some gyms don't get the hold orientation right. And also some gyms put other routes through the speed wall.

I'm talking about my home gym and why I never train there.

 Anyway, this complex is going to be a simple two exercise complex

  1. Medball slam
  2. Single leg box jump starting above knee height

The medball slam is going to force the same sort of rapid downward acceleration you will experience on the wall. Engage your core and throw it down hard enough that you leave the ground.

The single leg box jump is going to teach you to produce force from a disadvantageous position. Unless you're a world class speed climbing, most of you are stretching for holds and starting to apply pressure when your muscle is at it's longest. This is when it is weakest. Do this to help your body learn to apply force more effectively in this position.

An even better way to do that is to not be in that position to begin with, but the route is fixed and we're often left in the middle between beta that worked when we were weak and beta we should be using but aren't fast/strong enough yet to make the most if it.

We'll get there though.

Happy training!

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