Men’s Speed Qualifier Results!

Day one of climbing at the Olympics is in the books and WOW! For climbing being a combined event, the climbers definitely brought the speed. We had three competitors under 6 seconds in the qualifiers! To nobody’s surprise, Bassa did what he did best (and exactly as I predicted him to). Sprinting up the wall in 5.45, he showed what professional speed climbers are capable of to the entire world.

Tomoa Narasaki was next fastest with a 5.94 after skipping his first attempt. Puns have a place in this world and the sooner you accept it the better we will all be.

Coming in third, and beating my #3 pick, was Mickael Mawem with a 5.95.

The finals are shaping up to be extremely exciting and I have a good feeling that Tomoa will end up with the Gold overall.

But there is some bad news for us speed fans. Bassa suffered a competition ending injury to his bicep on the lead wall and has withdrawn from the Olympic final. he severity of the injury is such that he will require a significant amount of time off. Our best wishes for him and a speedy recovery.

With Bassa out, Tomoa is now a favorite for the #1 spot on the speed wall but it will be highly contested!

 Who do you think will have the fastest time. Who will win the gold? Let me know in the comments!

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