Fitness Friday (Late Again!)

Hey Speed Freaks,

It's another late Fitness Friday today. Today's workout took place on the track in order to get some earlier season general speed training in.

We're early in training so our sprints are short and uphill. This is to emphasize complete extension of the hips, knees, and ankles to better develop power. I use lots of basic jumps and medball throws early on as they are great ways to develop coordination, power, and work capacity without being too hard on the body. 

Check out the workout below and let me know your thoughts.

2x5x15m hill sprints

6 sets of Speed Complex A

2x4 Medball Chest Pass Throws

2x4 Clean Throws

2x4 Between The Legs Forwards Throws


2x4 Over The Head Backwards Throws

And finished with 5x4 power cleans.
All in all it was a great workout and I'm feeling pretty damn good for being this early in training. Now if only I could convert 10% of my body fat to muscle...Anyway, that's an issue for another time.

Remember to get your done in time to watch some Olympics! 

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