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Hey Everyone, it's a mini testing day!

When your kid's asleep early, you take advantage ( and celebrate quietly). During my warm up I realized I was feeling good ( 30in box jump) so I turned the day into a testing day. It had been scheduled for Wed.

Todays tests were standing broad jump and power clean max. I just completed my first short block of training and needed to get an early mark for these to gauge development.

Standing broad jump- 9'5" / 2.87m (not videoed, 9'3" was recorded)

Power clean - 255lbs / 115⅔kg
- clean: bodyweight ratio of 1.35

As my training progresses, I will compare these results to future results, as well against as some well accepted testing standards from the track and field world for elite performance. Since I'm almost 37, my goal is the "acceptable" level on the testing chart.

My goal is to get down to 185lb bodyweight (reducing dad belly and putting on a few more lbs upper body), which means my goal for powerclean max is appx 275lbs. Also to clean up my upper back/shoulder/wrist mobility. That catch was rough and desk jobs suck.

Once that level of strength is established, it's only necessary to revisit it occasionally to maintain it. I can significantly reduce the weights used in practice to focus on bar speed and rate of force development to continually force neural adaptation (aka speed gains).

Why focus on strength when I care about speed? When it comes down to it, the prime movers for your body are third class levers. They need to be anchored well to apply force at high rates of speed and mitigate injury risk/handle sufficient training volume. More on this in a future article.

Later speedsters!

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