Tokyo Olympics Delayed?

With everything going on in regard to Covid19 outbreaks all across the world, you're forgiven if you haven't been keeping up with Olympic news.

Olympic organizers met today in order to discuss options for the Olympics, and it honestly left a lot to be desired.

The current plan? Let's just wait a bit longer before making any decisions.

Not exactly an Olympic caliber answer.

The seriousness of the pandemic in regard to health and safety is not the only concern that should have people worried. Yes, the Olympic village is typically a sex den and a perpetual party for athletes who have finished their events, but the intermingling and potential spread of the virus is not the only concern. If you want a good run down on all of the health concerns, check out Stu McMillan's thread on Twitter.

A far bigger concern in regard to the sanctity of the games, is that with everyone on lock-down there are no testing agencies actively policing or testing athletes. The timing of the lock-downs means athletes could be using this period of typically higher intensity training leading up to national Olympic trials to dope and get away with it.

Even the President of the World Anti-Doping Association has admitted, "COVID-19 has forced all anti-doping stakeholders, including WADA, to adjust the way daily operations are conducted. But this matter goes way beyond anti-doping and sport – it is a global emergency – and our first priority must be public health, safety and social responsibility."

With the current health risks from attempting to train during the outbreak, to the difficulty NGOs will have trying to host a championship, the odds are overwhelmingly in favor of the Olympics cancelling for this year. And with the spectre of a potential doping crisis, would you even be able to enjoy the performances?

I can't imagine the economic impact this will have on Japan, and my heart goes out to every athlete whose dreams are slowly being crushed by this pandemic. As the father of a heart warrior, I have seen first hand what this virus does to the immuno-compromised and those with other preexisting health conditions.

While I desperately wish the Olympics will happen and be a source of unity, the safety of the athletes and spectators must come before the profit of the Olympics and their sponsors.

And I hope they make the decision sooner rather than later.

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