Speed was on display tonight in Chongqing, China, as the IFSC World Cup held the latest speed climbing competition for the 2019 season.

Some of the best in the world were present for today's competition and the rounds leading up to the final had some of the best drama of the a season so far.

In both the Men's and the Women's divisions, the fastest time of the night didn't come from the final, but rather in the second and third round leading up to the final. The fastest races for each division took place in the second round with Zhong and Alipour for the men and the third round for the women with Song and Jaubert for the women battling it out to the closest of margins, respectfully.

While Zhong and Alipour was exciting, Song was an absolute savage during her world record run of 7.101. The 5m to 10m portion was executed flawlessly as she stormed away from Kalucka. Song was in rare form as she essentially matched her world record run later in the series vs Jaubert on her way to her championship. World records fall often in new sports with participation rates that are skyrocketing, but Song is clearly the person to beat for right now.

Click the times below to check out the races on the official stream. Each link will take you directly to the specific race.

Place Men Women
#1 Zhong 5.616       Song 7.101
#2 Alipour 5.733 Song 7.110
#3 Pavlenko 5.799 Jaubert 7.321
#4 Rukin 5.813 Rudzinska 7.368
#5 Zhong 5.820 Jaubert 7.400

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